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Mal Mixes

This page is updated and current as of 08/25/2014.

On occasion, POLARIS may promote Alaskan Malamute Mixed Breed dogs for adoption. This is not our standard practice, but we will try to do it as long as we can find the resources to support the efforts. If you would like to contribute to help in this activity, please visit our donations page. Thanks for helping to support these dogs receive a second chance on life....

If you are interested in adopting a Polaris dog (either one that is listed here or one that may not be), please fill out our adoption application.


Diego is a big, neutered male malamute mix (perhaps a little German Shepard?). He is 2 years old and weighs about 100 lbs., is mainly black with two cute tan spots over his eyes, but has a solid body. Diego would benefit from losing 5-10 lbs. He is alert and vocal - will bark when a new person arrives at the property and is quite talkative with his family. He is protective of his 5 year old child companion - he has not biten, but stands between an adult and the child. He is a sweet and loving dog, but will need a strong leader to work with him on basic commands and his resource guarding issues. He is dog social (lives with 2-3 medium size dogs now and also is ok when he visits the owner's neighbors' dogs) and needs an appropriate fenced area for reliable containment. Diego would do better with a companion dog, but will need to be the more dominant of the two. Feedings should also be separate.

Diego is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.


Antero is a fantastic 5 year old dog full of potential and given the right home situation he can become a wonderful pet. He is very sweet and is always coming up for head scratches. He wants to be present wherever his family is. He is an independent dog, not needing a ton of attention, but he likes his family to know he is there. He loves going for long walks and has really improved on his ability not to pull. He can hang out on his deck and survey his domain for hours, perfectly content. He doesn't require a lot of exercise throughout the day, just one good walk a day will make him happy. But he needs his walk every day; otherwise he releases his energy by running throughout the house. He does ok with cats, but does like to chase them for fun. He is quite social with the other resident dogs (2) and likes his pack. He isn't a terribly dominant dog, but he likely won't back down if challenged. Antero has passed his basic obedience class and will "sit" on command. Other commands: he will lay "down" (with persuasion), "heel" and walk nicely with a tug on the leash next to his handler. He is not good off leash and loves to explore on his own. He has also been working on taking treats nicely and not getting fingers through the command "easy". You have to remind him a few times, before offering the treat - because he gets real excited. Antero is a dog with great potential, but he needs a strong leader to provide him with guidance and some focused work. He is a great dog 99% of the time - just needs to work on the 1% when he responds with a warning growl when he is asked to do something he does not want to do. When this occurs or one tries to move him by his collar, he may respond with showing teeth or a snap. He should be motivated in a positive manner to do things he does not want to do. He does not do well with children (even 9-10 yr. old children) and is leery of strangers coming into the home. He will sit nicely and not jump when people enter the home (we are still working on this - typically he is on a leash, need to make him sit first - he won't do this on his own). He will do well in a family that can provide him with strong leadership and deal with his behavior issues. His adopter should not be away for long hours because he doesn't like being left alone (even with other dogs). He is house-trained if someone is home with him, but being left alone, he may mark or soil the house. Antero is an extremely sweet dog with huge potential. He is really smart and is eager to please and be part of a forever family that can work with him on his issues.

Antero is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.

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