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Adoption Application

After you have read up on Alaskan Malamutes to make sure that this is the right breed for you, then filling out our adoption application form below is the first step toward welcoming a new Malamute into your home! Please complete the form in its entirety, then click the submit button, and one of our volunteers will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Upon initial contact, we will evaluate your situation and decide what kinds of personality traits you are looking for in your Alaskan Malamute (e.g., good with kids, older male, already crate trained, etc.). We may schedule a home visit at this time also.

After we have spoken extensively about your desire for a Malamute and have determined if there is a Polaris dog (or several) that would be a good match, we will arrange to have you meet with the dog(s). If you have other dogs and/or children, we ask that they be present at the interview as well to make sure that everyone in the household gets along well with the new pack-member.

We will have you complete an adoption contract, and you will need to pay a modest minimum adoption donation of $275 ($300 for pups younger than 1 year and $100 for Seniors over 8 yrs.) at the time you take your new Malamute home. And then you are off to enjoy years of happy Malamute ownership with your Polaris Rescue dog!!!

Questions with required responses are colored red.

First Name: Middle Initial: Last Name:
Email Address:
e-mail: Verify e-mail:
Phone (one required):
Home: Work: Cell:
Text Okay? Yes No
Home Address:
Street Address 1: City:
Street Address 2: Zip Code:
Mailing Address (required if different from Home Address):
Street Address or P.O. Box 1: City:
Street Address 2:
Zip Code:
Do you live in a ? Do you own lease your residence?
If you don't own your residence please provide your landlord's name and phone number:
Spouse/Partner Name:  Ages of Adults in Home:
Is everyone in the household in agreement about adopting a malamute? Yes No
Ages of children or grandchildren in the home  or visiting .
Who else will have contact with the dog? (i.e.; nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc.)
Other Pets and/or Dogs:
Have you ever owned a dog before? Yes No
If yes, what breed(s) and what is their status?
Have you ever owned an Alaskan malamute before? Yes No
Which do you prefer? male female either
Do you prefer a single dog or a will you consider a pair? pair single
Do you intend to be a Single-dog Multi-dog home?
Will you consider a malamute mix? Yes No
Please tell us about your current pets: type, breed, gender, age, spayed or neutered or put "none" if you don't currently have pets:
If you have pets, please describe their activity level, temperment, any unique behaviors and/or alpha tendencies:
Specify with which pets any new dog should be compatible:
Care and Exercise:
How much time will the dog be left alone, on average each day?
What is the longest time the dog would be left alone?
Where will the dog stay during the day?
Where will the dog sleep at night?
Who will assume primary care of your malamute?
What regular exercise will the dog have (include frequency)?
Do you have time to play with and walk your Alaskan malamute on a daily basis? Yes No
Living Quarters:
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No Do you plan to crate train the dog? Yes No
Approximate size of fenced area: ft. × ft. Fence Height: ft.
Does the fence have a gate? Yes No
Is there a separate dog run? Yes No
Is the perimeter of the yard completely surrounded by the fence? Yes No
What type of fence is it and what materials is it made of?
Is the fence leaning or have broken boards? Yes No
Are there window wells in the fenced-in area? Yes No
What shelter/shade will the dog have?
If you do not have a fenced yard, how do you plan to exercise and contain a malamute?
Malamute Caveats:
Do you understand that a malamute can never be off-leash in an unsecured area? Yes No
Do you understand that a malamute must not be left alone in a non-secure yard or area, and that they are notorious "escape artists"? Yes No
Do you understand that a malamute must not be left alone while tied or tethered, even if it is an attempt to keep it from escaping a yard? Yes No
Do you plan to use a chain, tether, or overhead runner to contain a malamute? Yes No
Do you understand a malamute will shed its coat at least twice a year, has a proclivity for digging and is a passionate runner? Yes No
Home Visit, Time Frame, etc.:
When would be a preferred time for a home visit?
What timeframe are you considering to adopt a rescue dog?
If "Other" please give best estimate of your adoption time frame:
What reasons do you feel might cause you to return a malamute adopted from Polaris?
Please provide at least one personal reference (include name, phone number, and relationship to you ... no family members):
Please list the contact information of current and/or prior veterinarians for all pets owned in the last 10 years.
Please note: we must be able to verify vaccines, spay/neuter, and heartworm preventive purchases. If you purchase your medications somewhere other than from your veterinarian, please indicate where.
Please take a moment and add any other information you would like us to consider:
Please let us know how you heard about Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue:
By submitting this application, you declare that the above is true to the best of your knowledge and ability. You authorize the veterinarian listed above to release information on the health care of your current and/or prior pets. You further understand that completion of this application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt.
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