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Success Stories


Bisco is one of the easiest, most gentle dogs I've ever been around. He gets along with every dog we come across no matter the size and demeanor of the dog. He is so well behaved and listens when called, he just wants to say Hi to everyone he sees. EVERYWHERE I go I get compliments left and right about how beautiful and well mannered he is. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing us together!


It's been 6 months with Lexi, and I just wanted to update you that she's doing so, so well! I couldn't imagine a better dog. She's so chill and is friendly with every person she meets. She's great company while I work all day, and we both love going for three walks a day. We also did a couple months of dog training, and she learned so many new skills! She's so cute. Thanks so much for helping me give her a home.


Finn and his owner celebrated his birthday with Coho salmon and a 2 mile hike..... Finn's "catching some Zzzzes!


Atlas is a big, lovable guy who has found his new home and best female buddy. He can be a challenge, but he is integrating into the household nicely. He jumps in the pool for those hot summer days....


Bear has come a long way from when we first got him in. He is a special dog, that was brought to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia (a S.A. shelter worked arrived in Denver for riding lessons and brought Bear with her) where he was shipped from Turkey and no one picked him up at the airport. His weight was down and the S.A. heat was quite much for him - luckily the shelter has air conditioning and devoted volunteers who worked with him so he was well tended to before his trip here. He's been in Colorado for over a year now and is thriving! From his current owner: "Bear is having good days way more often now & is the social bug on daily walks! He's up to 125 lbs. and looks healthy. He has a blast playing with his toys & it brings out the puppy in him. -He's loving life!"


Max has been settling in nicely in his new home.... He has an older sister and his owner takes them on regular walks & hikes. They rest on the way home after an active day!


Tucker enjoys interacting with his two buddies... He's an amazing dog - he responds well to training and his owners are just crazy about him!


Asuka was a great dog who enjoyed her active life with her family. She passed away and is sorely missed by all...


Khione is doing great. She is enjoying life up in the mountains, camping, hiking, skiing, and swimming. We've had her for about a year and a half now, with new developments all the time. I am now able to walk her off leash with a training collar, she is great at staying close by but she loves exploring when I let her. We've also coaxed her up onto the couch and bed to cuddle!



Nali was adopted to be a companion to Rosie Star, the energy dog. She needed a companion; someone who could keep up with all her energy and be her pal. Nali needed a forever home with humans and another dog who loved him. He has been "my guy" ever since. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog and he and Rosie are inseparable. In summertime, he has his own pool. He even does yoga. Here he's showing his caterpillar pose. I am so happy and thankful that I adopted him. He says he is happy too. Thank you, Polaris, for taking him in and keeping him safe until we found him!


Coachise has become the greatest son a father could have. He loves his walks in the mountains, playing with his toys, and singing in the truck on rides and excursions. He loves camping, fishing and hanging out with his pal Tahoe, a small terrier. God has truly blessed me and I am very grateful for these wonderful years. He is in great health. Thank you so much!


  A boy and his dog...
  Both wiped out on drive home after camping trip...

Behr and Kodi

Both dogs have been adopted (a year apart) from the same was love and play at first sight! They run 5-6 miles each morning to get warmed up for wrestling in the back evening they relax in the living room. Notice how they have to touch each other - such a sweet first Christmas together....


Phoenix has joined a older furry female companion for new adventures together! Phoenix is ready for anything... His owner adores him and has fun taking him with her to work, on outings and in her home. The family is complete and stays "happy together!"

Phoenix and his husky buddy, LaKai, on a pretty winter's day....

Floating with his owner at the end of the summer... -Isn't he adorable!


Ero continues to do very well in all areas. We had a major breakthrough at the beginning of April when he decided he would sleep alone in a separate room. Snoring may have something to do with it, but nevertheless we are very pleased at the increase in his self-confidence. He is easy to live with and a joy to be around.


Bella has recently been welcomed into her new home.....she is adjusting nicely and slept through the night! Her new family is giving her lots of attention and ensuring that the transition to a new home is a safe, calm and helpful one. - Looks like she is having fun with her toys!


Dakota is loving her new family - they are with her constantly and enjoy regular hiking adventures in the mountains. - So good to see her enjoying the outdoors, her new home and family!


Theo has been part of our family for 9 years now. His previous owner gave him up because he kept jumping out of his kennel and running away. Fortunately for us, he did not keep this up after we adopted him since he had a perfect companionship with our German shepherd, our cats and horses. He is a wonderful addition to our family overall. He is a reluctant leader of the pack now that our shepherd is gone, but seems to know it is his duty. Theo leads his pack with love and care. His pack adores him! Theo is a bit goofy and he truly loves to make us laugh! He is our big Teddy Bear!


Our standard morning walks are about two miles and we're even running with him. He gets another walk about noon, and we're taking for another long walk at about 8 p.m. As with all our Mals, we're very careful not to give him much leash when in the presence or even the sight of another dog, squirrel, cat, bird, etc. Usually he looks at other animals, but then ignores them and just gets on with his walk. He vocalizes a distinctive Mal "conversation" with me. He appears to be totally comfortable staying in the house, even to the extent of lounging on the sofa in the living room. We are not used to this kind of gentle, cool as a cucumber Mal in our lives. He is a joy and one helluva dog. Now that we've moved, he's fascinated with everything up here in the hills. So far, he's shown some interest in chipmunks and rabbits, but little interest in the bigger critters--deer and elk. This is the fourth Mal we've shared our lives with, and he exhibits all of the best traits we've come to know from these wonderful animals...


Maynard first lived with a family who loved him, but they had two young children and focused their time and attention on the kids. They knew that Maynard needed more exercise and deserved a family who would devote more time with him. His new owner and Maynard are averaging 4-5 miles walking and hiking a day and go everywhere together. Maynard is more social with other dogs and has slimmed down to a good weight for his size. He has been found to have allergies and is eating food & Chinese herbal supplements that help with those conditions. -He's one lucky dog!


Nala is doing great - she is part of the family. She is smart, loving and very well behaved. Could not ask for a better dog. Thanks so much!
Nala is a wonderful dog and now one of the family. She follows my wife everywhere....


"Yuki" means "snow" in Japanese, so this name really fits this snow dog! Yuki previously lived with another family and another dog, so it took a week or so for him to adjust to a new home (the new owners slept with him on the couch). He now realizes he's in his forever home and is a great addition to the family. He is well mannered, a great companion and has lost six or so pounds to result in a trimmer figure.....
Yuki and his owner enjoy hiking in the mountains during the summer heat. His owner considers Yuki a true blessing!


Kodi jumps into the car and toots the horn with his butt when going to "work" at the nursing home.... -Everyone just loves him!
Kodi gets his own swimming pool this summer! He checks out the hose before he takes a dip before going to the nursing home & loving on the residents there......


Sesi found a wonderful home in the mountains and enjoys going on walks with her family. She even rolls in the snow when she gets hot!


Tesla has blended into our family almost perfectly! He has had a couple of food/treat related moments with the resident female dog, but the two of them have had a truce and the two are becoming good companions. Tesla adores the boys and all three of them line up and enjoy watching the lizards eat (ref: photo). He is just the sweetest guy who is so happy to be around us. He loves to cuddle, be scratched, go for walks, play in the back yard, chase squirrels on the fence, and simply be told he is a good boy. He is a smart boy too! He is the first Mal that I have ever met who will play fetch. He has learned all of our commands while on lead. He has also learned "paw" (shake) and we are working on his "high five" and "lay". It has only been about a week or so but it feels though he has always been a part of our family. Thank you so much for your help in matching him up to our house. He has definitely found his forever home....
Tesla's first hiking trip with a backpack....he started out a bit unsure, but was very used to the pack on the return way back. He loved doing exactly what the boys did as they hiked along - even as they walked on logs instead of crossing through the streams!


Bear and his companion buddy fishing in the river....
Bear cooling off in a stream in the hot summer temperatures!

Mya and Phoenix

Mya and Pheonix were both adopted at separate times by one POLARIS owner. They started out not being cat friendly, but with time and effort have learned to live together with Morgan, the resident cat..... This is a highly difficult thing to do with a breed who exhibits high prey drive - it's not for the casual dog owner, or the cat could be injured or killed. Mya, Pheonix and Morgan enjoy their shared home and their owner just loves them all! Here's a view of them chilling after playing in the snow....

Chinook (Nookie)

Nookie was adopted by an elder man who needed a malamute companion. The owner is retired and enjoys baking - especially baking dog biscuits for Nookie! Nookie has adapted to the home and enjoys being with her adopter and going in the back yard. She welcomes the family members who come to visit and is loving her new home and freshly made biscuits!


Milly was surrendered by a family due to medical issues that kept them from providing her with adequate exercise. She has been re-homed with a family who has a young male Siberian (Bullet) who loves playing with his new companion in the big back yard of the home. The two dogs roll around and keep each other occupied!

Samson II

  Samson transitioned info his new home very easily! He is doing great, he went to the vet recently and he checked out just fine. Seems like the last week his new owners are finally seeing the true Samson and he is a wonder. Well behaved, loving, playful and loves, loves the snow. He will actually tunnel in the snow. He and the cat are OK, he wants to play, but of course she is not interested!


Sitka and her best buddy, Kale, hanging 'round the campfire......Mals can do well with kids!


Cody came to POLARIS from an owner who was in an apartment and could not provide an active, attentive environment for Cody. His adopter has been very tuned into having Cody develop a secure feeling at home. Cody is a great representative of the breed and in the Denver neighborhood where he lives, all the people know and love him. Cody's favorite things to do are outdoor activities - especially visiting friends at 9100 ft.! His owner and he drive over the pass to the mountains and Cody starts howling in anticipation of the snowshoeing that lies's amazing that his owner still can hear! He's one happy dog.....


Kosi has settled in pretty well into her new household. She adores people and welcomes everyone to the home. Loves her regular walks, but is (typical mal) picky about other dogs - thinks she's the boss. Her owner is working on training tasks to help socialize her more. You can see how happy she is living in her happy ever after home!
Kosi is doing well. Loves FOOD!(mine) working on table and counter ethics. Trying to wear each other out on walks. She loves to ride but I think she wants to drive! Here is a shot of her with her owner while on an outing during this year's first snowfall...


Kaiya has settled in quite well and I think she is really enjoying being a part of our family. It took a little time for her and Yukon (our older male) to adjust to each other, but they seem to be good buddies now. The only downside for Yukon is he can't always keep up with her since she's younger. -Kind of reminds me of us with our kids!


After my second Malamute passed away three years ago I finally started searching for another last year - I love the breed, having such intellegence and hardiness - and this time decided to go the route of a rescue. Within weeks I found Mallie on Polaris' web-site, and right away I knew she could be perfect for me. Since I adopted her she has settled down to be a very loving and energetic companion. We have in the past year travelled many trails, and she shares my love of winter as it's in both of our DNA. I couldn't ask for a better canine companion.


Kodiak is a 6-1/2 yr. old 100 lbs. male who loves going on walks and chomping on dog bones. His owners adore him....


Sitka is an amazing animal and that we're very grateful that she's been a part of our family. I couldn't ask for a more perfect dog (other than not being able to let her off lead to go play with the other dogs in the neighborhood; we group them all in my neighbors 400+ sq foot fenced in arena to play it off once in a while). But yeah, Sitka has been absolutely fantastic with Kale, who was two in April.


Kenai is loving the beautiful CO high elevation landscape and shares the passion of hiking with her adopter....


Kodiak enjoys the cool temperatures in the central CO mountains as he is shown with his buddy, Juneau, and his adopter. He has come a long ways in getting along with other dogs.
Kodiak and Juneau love to "scoot" through the mountains!


Sekoya (gray and white) enjoys her new buddy in their new home.....


Kita adopted a wonderful family and loves exploring in the snow. She teaches her new Dad karate lessons -hmmmmm....???! (A malamute can never be too prepared!)



Kenai smiles as she enjoys her adopter's "new digs." (-I wonder if she lets him stay there too?) She checks out the passing deer and rabbits in her sight from her deck/kennel position. Her adopter's shoes are equipped with sheet metal screws to dig into the packed snow, but Kenai has knocked him on his butt a couple times anyways (from pulling).....-it must be love!


Molly is a wonderful mountain dog and a former POLARIS rescue. She is slimming down with all the outdoor activities she is able to do with her owner. She is living it up in the high country: loves going on hikes, road trips in the Jeep and is building her strength.

She enjoys frolicking in the remaining mountain snow at this time of the year. Molly is a great companion and her owner started her on shorter hikes, then worked her up to longer ones (remember, dogs need to adjust to elevation too)! Now the two are together most of the time (work and play) and are tightly bonding....


Sarah joined our family on Columbus Day, 2006. The wait that day for POLARIS to deliver our precious girl to us was, I thought at the time, a little like what an expectant father must feel while his wife is in labor. Our expectations were fulfilled that day...a thousandfold. In Hebrew, the name "Sarah" means princess. But, it was clear on that first day, our Sarah claimed no regal affectations. She was, like most Mals, imbued with the single-minded intent to please, to love, to view humans as the center of her life, the objects of her affections.

Sarah encompasses all the traits we've come to expect from his wonderful breed. She is a people lover, especially small children; she relishes walkies, runs, romps in the wilderness of Colorado; her passion for tennis balls is indomitable. She has, like most Mals, a mind of her own; stubborn at times, and will vocalize her desires. Her intelligence is remarkable, with a "vocabulary" (an understanding of words) that is amazing. She has become a singular joy in our lives. We could not have wished for a more loving, well-mannered, bright, energetic presence in our little family. She is a joy. She is the center of our lives. She encompasses the goodness of the world. What more could be hoped for, what more could be desired than the noble presence of such a creature sharing the travails of our earthly trudge through the uncertainties of life? Thank you, POLARIS, for providing us the opportunity to bring Sarah into our family...


Tuko (center), loves his new family and has become the center of attention. He gets lots of exercise, whether it's the cats chasing him around the house or racing Kiana (the husky) for hugs or food. He always makes sure the teens, Eryn and Molly, are safe in bed after a late night, before he retires with his owners in the master bedroom. He reminds his owners of the dog, Nana in Peter Pan!


Kodiak was a "city dog" and adopted well into his new home in the mountains. His owner is a marathon runner and Kodiak is enjoying running at high elevations. After a run, Kodiak spruces up at the K-9 Car Wash!

Seven (aka Mishka)

Seven is a happy, healthy boy. As one of my co-workers put it 'That dog hit the lottery with you H'. He absolutely LOVES coming to the station with me. He does a quick run thru to get a head count and then spends the rest of his time sleeping at my feet in my office, supervising critical EMS operations, and maintaining accountability for the crew. If someone manages to slip into another room without him noticing he runs to me to let me know that something is very wrong. He couldn't be happier, and he has brought some joy back into my life. He is a GREAT partner. Thank you!!!!!

Note: Seven is owned by an emergency response person who also does guide services on rafts on the Colorado River. Seven loves his jobs.


It has been just over a year since we adopted Atka. He fits perfectly into our family and makes us laugh every chance he gets. Atka loves hiking, swimming, the dog park, or just going on walks with his "sister" Kaya. Kaya and Atka get along very well and have quickly become inseparable. Atka loves to "talk" to us all the time and follow us everywhere we go. He is such an intelligent, gentle and loving boy. We can't imagine our lives without him! Thank you again for helping us find such a great dog to become part of our family.