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Heavenly Howls...



We adopted Chewie at 8 weeks old. I wanted to let you know that Chewie lived to be almost 13 years old and had a magical life. We loved on him, cared for him, and he gave us back so much more than I can express. Thank you, from my wife and myself, for the gift you gave us with his adoption.

Last night, Chewie passed away from Cancer. We are devastated and are trying to recover from the loss of him from our family. He was playing and snuggling (he slept by my side) and enjoying life up to his last day. His happiness was, over this past 13 years, something we prioritized every day. How could we not, look at that face.

We miss him more than I can express, and are heartbroken. We loved Chewie, and he gave us so much love and enriched our lives. We are forever grateful. We loved him, we appreciated him, and we gave him the best life ever. He gave us the gift of his love, his warmth, his EVERYTHING. We are heartbroken to lose him, but wanted to let you know that we thank you for the gift of introducing him into our lives.


It's with a broken heart that I need to report the peaceful parting of my best friend, Nali, on September 4, 2023. He was the best and my favorite companion of all the dogs I've ever had and loved. I could look into his eyes and know what he was thinking, that's how our bond was. He was adopted from Polaris in November 2012 as a companion for my other dog, Rosie, who he would let drag him around by his neck and if she tried herding him by biting his back legs, he would just patiently sit down. Once earlier this year when someone attempted to enter my back yard, he came to the rescue in full wolf mode, running at the guy, barking, looking ferocious and scaring the guy so bad he jumped my 6' fence to run off. Nali saved the day. He survived the removal of half his lower jaw in March 2022 due to a soft tissue sarcoma and I fed him by hand every day morning and evening until he refused his last breakfast on Monday. There is nothing I wouldn't have done for that dog. He was the best companion I've ever had and it was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye. Today there is a Nali-sized hole in my heart.

Kelly and Rosie
Denver, CO


We adopted Haley from you 13 years ago. She was battling myopathy for the past 2 years and the disease had progressed to the point of loss of all mobility of front and rear legs, incontinency, and she started crying unless sedated. -Thanks for bringing this beautiful spirit into our lives...


With great sadness I want to let you know that our foster-turned-adopted malamute, Tahoe, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past September. He was an amazine malamute and an amazing companion. Being very vocal, he always could carry his part of our conversations! Tahoe had quite a unique personality, always finding ways to make us laugh, and giving great malute hugs! His loss was unexpected, and has left a giant malamute hole in my heart. I am and will forever be greatful for the nine years I had with my big boy...


We lost out best friend and companion 11/11/2015. She had been slowing down since the first of 2015, but would have been 13 years old in Jan. We are going to miss her every minute of every day. Kita was with me 24-7 and would not let me out of her view if she could help it. We adopted Kita from Polaris in 2009 after we lost our Little Wolf. The vet said Kita had a growth on her pancreas. I will miss miss my walking partner forever. My wife will miss her morning loves...


Shiloh's Gift
6/25/2001 - 1/4/2011

Remember when you brought me home?
Remember when you said my first "no"?
Remember the day I potty trained?
Now remember the love I bestowed.

Remember our long walks?
Remember when I would be set in my ways?
Remember the times I laid in your lap?
Now remember in your heart I will always stay.

Sorrow I know has come to you
A pain I wish would never be
For emptiness and memories
Have taken the place of me.

Thank you for loving me and remember I loved you too
I know we've been so close all these years
Now be comforted by our loving memories
Please don't let your heart hold any tears.

Goodbye is never an easy thing
But one that is supposed to be
Know that my gift to you was love...
That and my friendship will always be!

So when tomorrow starts without me
Don't think we're far apart.
For every time you think of me,
Remember I'm right there in your heart.

– For Mom and David

 by Ingrid Trimm



Littlewolf wandered into an auto repair shop in Aug. of 2005. It was hot and she was thirsty. She was given water and food. That was it. She adopted me as her owner that very moment and was my buddy and a part of our family from then on. I called her Littlewolf and she started coming to that name within two days. She loved joining our family on outings and outdoor activities. She died last Friday from complications of cancer. She will be in our hearts forever.....


Kodiak was a wonderful POLARIS male malamute who was his master's best friend. He died recently of bloat and his owner has lost his best companion..... Kodiak will be sorely missed and stays forever in our hearts. The photo is of Kodiak with his buddy practicing their vocals...

Sweetheart Jasper

Jasper and his owner shared many wonderful times together. He was a handsome boy, had such a gentle nature and was a constant companion.... He will be missed.


Kenai was a wonderful companion and active playmate. She had cancerous tumors, but she and her owner still enjoyed life together to the fullest. Here's a shot of her, happy, at home. -We don't realize how great they are until they're gone...

This page is dedicated to malamutes who have passed on. It's a remembrance for owners to share with others about memorable times, feelings and expressions shared with your cherished pet. Feel free to send a treasured photo that reflects the personality of your lost mal or a treasured moment shared with your furry companion with a brief text description for the web site..... A donation to POLARIS will aid other dogs on their journey in finding a new home. Although another dog will never replace your lost love, please consider re-homing another POLARIS mal in order to lift your spirits and begin a new friendship...

Email: Sharon
Mail to: Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue, P.O. Box 7276, Golden, CO 80403
Checks may be made out to: "Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue"